About us

SQW – Water Solution

SQW has set itself the task of applying the technology used in its MPC system in as many areas as possible.

The MPC system is always needed where it is important to use the resource WATER sparingly and responsibly. More and more areas of application can be opened up with the MPC system.

An excerpt of the application areas can be found on these pages. The years of experience of our technicians with this technology is the basis of satisfied users. With the use of the MPC system, you are entering a secure path into the future with ever increasing environmental pollution.

Your water, for the sake of health, kept natural.

SQW – Air Solution

Another area of SQW is the topic of ‘air’.
By using, combining and further developing existing technologies, we have found ways to significantly reduce particulate matter, odors and other negative air pollution. In doing so, you and we make a contribution to lowering the emission levels in our breathing air.