MPC System

MPC – Microbial Plaque Clearance – removal of Bio Film

SQW has developed the MPC system especially for drinking water installations.

The MPC system is used to avoid, prevent and reduce microbial contamination in closed DHW systems in the DHW circuit (circulation line). Due to the natural treatment process, it is a system that prevents the causes of germ formation, namely bio film formation in the pipe system, and reduces and degrades existing bio fuel in the flooded parts. When used correctly, germs, bacteria and organic components in the water are reliably reduced, so that the legal limits are met.

By combining with other available and integrable techniques (also consistently natural or natural-adequate), e.g. UVC disinfection systems for immediate inactivation or lime scale stabilizers for loosening and avoiding lime scale deposits in the pipe network and fittings, the performance can be significantly increased and a comprehensive water treatment can be offered.

The system works without any moving parts and is, therefore, incredibly robust and easy to maintain. It is more than 98% recyclable. All parts and materials used are approved for drinking water. Where required and stipulated by law (e.g. fittings or UVC disinfection systems), this is evidenced by a DVGW certificate. With the MPC system, you are entering a secure path into the future in the face of ever-increasing environmental pollution.

Your water – for the sake of health, of course.