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Up to 27,000 liters of water per kilogram: These foods consume the most water in production.

Press Release:
The ‘’ editorial team has researched for 28 foods how much water is used in their production and comes to the following conclusions:

  • The food with the highest water consumption is cocoa! For one kilogram of cocoa beans, you need to spend 27,000 liters of water.
  • Meat production also requires a lot of water: Beef accounts for 15,490 liters, pork for 4,730 liters and poultry for 4,000 liters per kilogram.
  • The most water-saving food is the tomato with ‘only’ 110 liters of water per kilogram – more than 250 times less than cocoa.
  • The ten foods that consume the least amount of water are all vegetables and fruits: carrots, potatoes and green lettuce are all very economical, with less than 250 liters of water each.
  • A restriction of meat consumption reduces the individual water footprint: Already one meat-free day Per week saves enough water to take a warm shower for 1.5 years a day!

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